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Artist | Student | Varied
Things and stuff, stuff and things, stuff stuff stuff. Art!


  • Mood: Tired
Just beat Undertale, and first of all, god damn I love Flowey.
Just never trust a flower ._.

ANYWAY. Got the Neutral ending, because when I was just starting out and ridiculously stupid, I didn't read some dialogue as well as I should have, aaaand I may have thought you have to kill Toriel. WHOOPS.

But yeah, going to do my Pacifist run some time later today, for now I need to reeeest after the final boss. (With Asgore definitely that fucking flower Asgore.)
  • Mood: Tired
Yes, I know you've probably seen a bajillion of these, and hey, if it bothers you, the 'Remove from notifications' button is right there >-ish.
Or the backbutton, or close tab button.
(Sorry to start out a bit hostile, but I've seen people being dicknozzles about Undertale, and I just
Yeah. Dicknozzling will be ignored. And on the off chance someone is a dicknozzle, and someone else sees this, please ignore them. Just... Yeah. Anyway, onto the journal.)

-- bullshit over

Spoilers ahead, I guess? Fuck, who even cares, you all know everything that happens I've been avoiding spoilers myself, so, yeah

So, first of all, a howdy hOI do you do. I'm going to take a break for the night and continue tomorrow, but I've just gotten my ass handed to me by lady Muffet like three times because holding healing items is for loooooooosers. Or me, take your pick.

I do have a question though, why is everyone so obsessed with Sans? Yeah, he's funny, and I do quite like him as a character, but the absolute perfect one is Papyrus. 
I just...… Look at him! Ahh! My god, he;s the most overconfident, underconfident doofus I've ever seen, and you can DATE HIM. AAHHH.

Also, reeaaaally wishing I'd known I can spare Toriel. My bad for not listening to the little Frogglet bastards right.
:iconcryingplz: God damn it I actually had a little sob to myself once I'd gotten out of the bit after I

Anyway, journal over, go do the thing.
Gracilus by HazelCapulus
Oh look it's that guy. Also designed by SparkleBloomSwirl, and I won't keep doing that every time I upload something, just for like
The first pictures for shit you designed just based off of a basic idea, unless you'd rather I not do it at all ;w; god damn it I just like crediting people

ANyWAY. Gracilus. 
Inspired by, and, originally, a Slenderpony clony. Ahem, I mean, Slenderpone clone.
God damn it, you know what I mean.

Anyway yeah. This guy. Lot of fun to draw, annoying to get his head shaped right.
Fedoira by HazelCapulus
Moira loses her top-hat. Sky steps in to assist.

Moira and (unseen) Sky belong to me, you know the deal.

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